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”We really love the fact that we’re not just building a business for ourselves. We are building a movement with Zinzino where we give people a chance of a better life, one success story at a time.”

Vibecke Steinsvik Parr, Ambassador

“I am a true believer in visionary leadership, and I love being around inspiring people who share the same dream, and my love for preventive health!”

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We are the pioneers of personalized nutrition, rooted in an industry that is driving the future of shopping. We believe in building sustainable businesses with lasting success and doing the right things for the right reasons.

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We believe in real incentives that recognize and reward hard work, perseverance, and passion. From instant title recognition and celebrating achievements at our events, to car bonuses and trips across the world. Three times a year, we offer a chance to qualify for our exclusive, all-expenses-paid bonus trips to luxurious, exotic destinations handpicked just for us.

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We’re committed to reaching our life goals and fulfilling our dreams. We celebrate successes and learn from our mistakes. We grow together, we inspire and challenge one another. We’re in this together, Why? Because life is so much more enjoyable that way.

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We’ll get you up and running in no time. Join and become part of our community for free or by selecting our Ultimate Partner Kit which will qualify you for a full Loyalty refund. Build your business and increase your Customer base, get direct sales commissions and free products. Grow your business as you set up your very own team and increase your potential for a higher commission.

Ultimate Partner Kit

You’ll get discounts from your very first order, direct sales commissions, a recurring income and free products in our Rewards Program. It is also a fast lane towards earning lifestyle rewards, car bonuses and exclusive incentive trips. You’ll get instant title recognition and a chance to celebrate your achievements at our events. Three times a year, we offer a chance to qualify for our exclusive, all-expenses-paid bonus trips to luxurious, exotic destinations handpicked just for us.

Everyone of legal age is welcome to register as an Independent Partner at no cost. Zinzino Independent Partners come from all walks and stages of life. You choose your own hours and the amount of time you are willing to invest. Zinzino provides the tools and infrastructure for you to achieve success, provided you follow the system. While not required, you may purchase one of our Partner Kits, which contains products and basic training materials at a discount.

Yes. There are no daunting startup costs, dealings with logistics, scrambling for the right prospecting tools, promo materials or digital resources to get started. That’s all on us. You can choose to become part of our community for free, or select our Ultimate Partner Kit and qualify for a full Loyalty refund.

The monthly qualification to be an active Partner is four (4) Personal Customer Points. In addition to that, you need 20 Credits on a monthly basis from your personal Customers and your own product orders.

Do you want it to be possible? This is truly a career where you set the limit. There’s incredible flexibility. You set your own hours and decide the time you want to invest. Some Partners are happy with a subsidiary income, whereas others are working hard at turning Zinzino into a career that will give them the time and financial freedom that constitutes living a dream life. Zinzino is an established, global health and wellness brand, and you will join a community of Partners with exclusive rights to share our test-based, scientifically proven products with a world that is more and more focused on better health. There’s a system in place for building your business and we’ll provide you with training, education, inspiration, digital sales tools and marketing materials.

If you are interested in shaping the future of nutrition with us and building your own business at the same time, read more about becoming a Zinzino Independent Partner here

You will join a global community of wellness consultants shaping the age of personalized nutrition by showing the way to healthier way of living and a better life for all.

As an Independent Partner, you’ll play a decisive role in providing that service by offering personal attention, delivering customized supplements, and providing individual proof in writing that our products are doing their job.

On our Opportunity page you will find more information.

There are a variety of ways to make a living from direct selling; a business model going back over 200 years, used by thousands of companies today. The (MLM) multi-level marketing model is a form of networking marketing that enables distributors to not only make an income by selling directly to people in their community, but on several levels based on what compensation plan is in play. It is also a chance to receive a commission from sales in the whole organization without being personally involved or present.

Zinzino is one of the fastest-growing Scandinavian direct sales companies in the world today. We have been on a steady mission towards global expansion for a decade, operating on more than 100 markets. Our shares are listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market and by that notion we are required to be completely transparent in everything we do. To us, that is the only sustainable way forward. Making money fast is not a sustainable approach and it will never be a measure of success at Zinzino. We reward a long-term commitment and people who are doing the right things for the right reasons. In our book, that always pays off at the bottom line.

There are unfortunately a number of companies out there, giving a dynamic and rapidly expanding industry a bad name by turning the business model into a fraudulent system. They might be hard to spot at first glance, but there are a few distinguishing factors to look out for. There’s always a high entry fee and the actual product sold is secondary in a pyramid scheme. There might not even be a real product involved at all. Which, by the same token, means that finding customers is not a priority either. Instead, extreme emphasis is put on lavish promises to get rich quick by recruiting other participants into the program. In any lawful MLM program or direct sales company, it is always free to join as a distributor. The number one investment should always be your networking skills and personal recommendations, and you should always have the option to only buy the products.

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