If being your own boss sounds good to you then you are in the right place

  • Work your own schedule
  • Share life changing products
  • Create portfolio income
Earn a minimum of 20,000 Euro for your first 100 subscribing customers*
*This earnings statement is based on accumulating and keeping 100 Premier customers that purchases for an average of 30 Euro per month for a period of 25 months. The income is derived from Cash Bonus 1275 Euro, Top-Team bonus 7500 Euro, One time bonus 10000 Euro and team commission 2000 Euro for a net total of 20775 Euro.


Our products are very important and this is even more important

We are to create a positive impact in the lives of children worldwide.

Zinzino’s Foundation's mission is to provide support for programs that help girls and boys out of poverty by education. Over the years, Zinzino has supported a school in Karwi, India. One of the the students that is part of this program is 13 year old Chotu Kumar. Every spring students are enrolled to the Ebenezer School, thanks to the charity project initiated by Glocal Aid and Zinzino Foundation.

PRODUCTS That create a measurable difference in customers lives

If there was a test that would tell you if your diet was protecting from potential risk factors, would you take it? Most likely you would say yes like the 400,000 people that already got tested. This is why partnering with Zinzino is a great opportunity to make money and helping people protect their health at the same time.

Technology first - business

Zinzino hub
Within this platform you’ll experience a clear path to growing your business. All the content you require to Share, Present, Enroll, Elevate and Duplicate your teams with the S.P.E.E.D system is in ZINZINO HUB
GOCORE is our personal and professional development program available to Zinzino Independent partners. World class speakers as well as top Zinzino leaders share knowledge on how to grow yourself and your business

A Company you can be
proud to work with

  • Listed company on Nasdaq OMX First North
  • Members of Direct Selling Assocation
  • Double digit sales growth
  • Strong financial foundation
  • Expanding around the world